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January 24th - February 1st


Gentle Giants, Inc. will be partnering with Fairy Dog Moms, Inc. to hold an online fundraising event featuring The Dog and Cat Mom Jewelry Collection. The Dog and Cat Mom Jewelry Collection offers Dog and Cat Mom Necklaces, Keychains and Bracelets. 25% of the price of each piece will be donated to Gentle Giants ! Bracelets are $75, The Rainbow Bridge Bracelets are $60, Key Chains are $45, Necklaces are $50, and the "Pyr Mom or Newfie Mom or Saint Mom Necklace" is $55! There is also a limited number of "Puppy Pal" Necklaces for $10 - PERFECT for that "Junior Dog Mom!" The Bracelets and Key Chains comes in 12 color palates. The Pyr Mom/Newfie Mom/Saint Mom Necklaces are available in 21 different color palates!

MUFASA IS SAFE AND IN TRAINING AT NY DOG WORKS.  Gentle Giants could not let him be euthanized.  His trainer agrees that he's a good dog but does have some fear agression that they will work on.  Please continue to share our fundraiser.  We still need $750 when he is through with his training.

Mufasa is a 5 year old male neutered Great Dane. Mufasa's owner is having emergency triple bypass surgery and if he survives he will not be able to care for Mufasa. Mufasa is underweight and his living conditions are not the greatest ... A neighbor and friend is feeding and letting him out twice a day. Mufasa is fine with him but he is fear aggressive and hand shy.  

Gentle Giants was asked to help. Mufasa needs training and socializing.  We've been in touch with NY dog works. For two weeks of training and boarding (or longer if needed) it's $1500. $750 when dog is picked up and $750 when dog is brought back. We are drowning in debt and do not have the funds to send him for training. We have had people interested in him but cannot send a dog to someone that has fear aggression. If we can't raise the money, we won't be able to help him and he will be euthanized.  He is NOT in our possession and will not be unless we can get him the training her needs. Please share. NY Dog works is on FB and I have seen first hand what this trainer can do.

Please help us save Mufasa.  Dontations can be made directly through PayPal, by check or through Mufasa's Fundrazr site.

PayPal: gentlegiantsinc@yahoo.com
565 Colfax Road
Wayne, NJ 07470


Mufasa playing at NY Dog Works


Candi at the premier of "The Big Ti" at The Elm Street Grill, Oakland NJ

Its "THE BIG TIP" Rock and Roll Grandma - You ROCK!!!

Host Rossi Morreale with Magnificent 19 pups, Lily and Ruger!

Rachel Ray with Elm Street Grille owner Rich. Guest appearance by Thor's butt!!

Candi premiers "The Big Tip"
See Thor, Turk and Mimi on their journey from OAS to love and safety with Gentle Giants.  The Thor Red Carpet Pawtograph Specatacular was a spectacular sucess.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to meet these three amazing dogs!

100% of donations are used towards the care of our rescued dogs

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